Why I am not a statist

Perhaps anarchists and libertarians would not bother to read this, because they are already experiencing ‘critical consciousness’, but – however – this article can be forwarded to those who are hopelessly inured to protect the integrity and caliber of ‘false consciousness’. I’m an ex-statist and, today,  it gives me splendid hedonism to chalk down some “contradictory beliefs” which the statists possess and are currently unable to realize with their real eyes that they are brutally suffering from ‘cognitive dissonance’ as well as ‘stockholm syndrome’. What all they can do is block you, report you, abuse me, thump their chest, beat you, ignore you etc. except “reason” with you. I believe it is not a crime to skip thinking, but to speak without thinking and intimidate with ‘opinionated facts’ is surely a crime. Sadly the statists are unrealizing this cognitive attitude and are subconsciously praying for the collective annihilation of this world through their altitude of obeisance to the state.

Statism: the principle or policy of concentrating extensive economic, political, and related controls in the state at the cost of individual liberty.  I hope this definition dissonances the readers a bit? Great is my sin, if it does not. Statists believe that it is moral to let the government “own” all the guns and it is amoral to behold a populace of armed people. They continue their beliefs, in various extensions like: It is ethical for the government to use “force” in collecting revenue, but it is unethical for a communitarian to do burglary. It is moral for the government to legally discriminate against people, but it is socially vile to sustain racism. Great deal, eh? With this logic, I must say, taxation is good force because it looks after the public welfare; whereas, rape is a bad force because it looks after the private welfare. How would you rape, if it is said that sharing of the genitals does not help other victims from getting raped? LOL


Is it still OK to “snoop” your privacy? Felicitate statists, because [whilst] they were rejoicing their wolves at the expense of ALL, the “voyeuristic” state ended up institutionalizing mechanisms like PRISM (US), CMS (India), etc. to snoop the activities of the sheeples. Otherwise, without government, who would put Edward Snowden on the ‘most wanted list’? And, statists be like: “WHY do not you got to Somalia?”

First of all, the government “enjoys” monopoly on almost everything. Second commandment: they are “against” your liberty to secede. Third commandment: it is a “felony” if you acted like your own government. Fourth commandment: the government “believes” that they can change the laws of economics as well as the laws of physics. Fifth commandment: the statists irrationally believe that their “constitution” vouches everyone with equal rights and liberties. Sixth commandment: they do not “realize” that their illogical belief in the said fifth commandment is absurdly an organic problem behind my proselytism. Seventh commandment: the government is said to be a real idea. Eighth point: the seventh commandment is conjecturally a horrendous idea because it is for the statists to prove how “unchaotic” the government is. Ninth commandment: it is “illegal” to detach from the white papers issued by the government. Tenth commandment: It is “sedition” to compliment mafias dressing better than the government.

All these commandments commanded to me ditch statism, because it is none of my natural responsibility to consent my soul to any exogenous model which has no sense of sensibility.

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