Nebraska Review

“Jeezzz…A Million here Million there”


[usr 4.5]

I have seen 5 out of 9 Best picture nominations for the Oscars. Nebraska is surely my personal favorite till now, as it’s a very realistic film.

Everything about the movie was so perfect for me, from interesting storyline to extraordinary cinematography. It’s a black and white film, but still it looks very colorful as the characters in the film are so compelling. The loud mouth mother, June Squibb is easily the most loved character in the film.

What makes Nebraska one unforgettable film for me is its originality of human behavior, love and greed, and its humor, which is so flat, but yet funny because you won’t see many films where old people make you laugh while making ‘Sense’ in their words, but the situation in which they are stuck is so not ‘sensible’.

Nebraska is a beautiful film with a beautiful message and an awesome ending. The soundtrack by Mark Orton is a keeper.

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