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marykom-trailerposterMary Kom is the story of a girl fighting against all norms of society to pursue her dreams. It’s the story of a girl’s struggle against all odds that life throws at her. The story inspires and gives a message that as a human being, no matter how difficult situation you face in your life, you can achieve your goals if you strive for it with full determination.

The movie is a biopic of Mary Kom, the 5 times world boxing champion and Bronze medal winner in 2012 Olympics. Right from the beginning her life is shown to be full of struggle, when she chose to go against her father’s wishes and train for Boxing informing her father. When she first won in National level competition, her father became furious upon her after coming to know of it. (In later parts of movie though, her father gives in and starts rooting for her daughter’s win in a fight).
The movie also shows how Mary faces difficulties after marriage. The usual conflict between taking care of children, or pursuing one’s passion/career , that comes up in front of any women after marriage, is perfectly shown there. She was torn between the two. But thanks to her supportive husband, she jumps back into Boxing arena after a long break.
The movie also shows the red-tape, apathy of officials, and horrible management of Sports bodies in India. It also shows how even renowned sports persons in India are made to run pillar-to-post for jobs (due to corrupt officials). Movie shows all this in a beautifully crafted way.
The come-back of new, reborn Mary Kom, after marriage is particularly shown marvellously in the mary2movie and needless to say, it left profound impact on audience. The rigorous training that she goes through, the immense physical and mental strength shown, the family conflicts she handles and the fearless attitude she displays everywhere… all these are perfectly shown in movie.

The movie keeps you hooked till the end, keeping you rooting for the brave lady all through her journey. The audience cheered and clapped loudly, when she ruthlessly and loudly argued with a corrupt, apathetic team official, and threatened him in front of the entire team-mates whom the official was demotivating and humiliating moments ago.

There are some good songs and wonderful picturisation too. The rigorous training schedule shot in Manali is specially breathtaking due to the mind-blowing landscapes of the area.

In short, the movie is a must watch for all. It takes you with all the ups and downs in the life of Mary Kom, and keeps you emotionally hooked to the story. A very worthy tribute to the legendary women. Hats off to the Directors, Producers and Script-writers for having given us such a great movie to watch.

[usr 4]

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