It is good to brace misanthropism

“Society” wants you to live your life with dignity and honesty. Good. I challenge you to live your next 24 hours with unfettered honesty and thou shalt realize the real lies with your real eyes.

I am a misanthropist. Misanthropy is the general hatred, distrust or disdain for the human species or society/people. This doesn’t mean I feel guilty of human nature; or, abhor myself. I am not a perfectionist too. It is just that I choose to be asocial than social, in this societal century of “normalcy”

I choose to be a misanthrope, due to following reasons:

1) No matter what I do or say, I don’t have to bother or “feeling tensed” over what/how people are going to judge me.

2) I totally possess myself to be responsible for what I say or do and I needn’t bother over how “others” are going to interpret or understand my words. I can chill!

3) I don’t have to worry about any socioeconomic obligations to anyone, since selfishness is an universal virtue. Ayn Rand clarified it, so deal with it.   

4) I needn’t justify myself to anyone. Those who mind, don’t matter; Those who matter, don’t mind.

5) Don’t have to entertain fake and dishonest “creatures” with gift economics, greetings, social meetings, etc.

6) Can pacify over my “real” motives than have to camouflage with the people, for the people, of the people, by the people.

7) My misanthropy is a natural reaction to social happenings and therefore I am least likely to be superficial.

8) People have constitutionally forced me to abide with the principles of social contract and thus I am proud to hate them now. Thanks to Lysander Spooner for helping me out.

9) Needn’t seek social permission for celebrating my own individuality.

10) Learnt to be “selectively available”

11) Can enjoy being real than being “politically correct

12) Living with my own convictions than adjusting to be another brick in the wall

Last but not least, dogs are more loyal than people. Treating people nicely doesn’t guarantee that they’re going to behave nicely with you. Can trust “wild animals”, in this case, though.

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