!! Is this an “End” !!

A beautiful start and a perfect end,

I wish, I demand.

A life I always thought of,

looked different and apart.

It is an end!! I think sometimes,

But is it? I merely ask.

Sailing along the ocean of grief,

full of emotions deep and dark.

I wish if a storm would come someday,

blows me away and takes me far.

A beautiful image reflects the river I stand beside,

so young, attracting and pleasing he looks;

much of like me I thought,

Or maybe it’s me, when I looked inside.

I could see the life I merely spent,

I could see the life much of which is left.

It’s not an end , just a phase of life I think,

much to live, more to spend,

And I stand again to live again,

a life I always thought of;

much to live, more to spend.

A time will come one day,

when I will be old and pale;

“That will be the time, perfect to ask,

is this an end? Perfect or dark” 

~ Ankita


About Ankita

An engineer by profession , I believe inspirations can be drawn from anywhere while assembling them into a structural thought and giving those thoughts a shape and color on a piece of white paper is my part time job.I enjoy places, cultures and cuisine with utmost pleasure. My message to all " Be human, Be you"

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