East Delhi Church attack, and what it means to India

Prolusion: India is socioculturally blessed with “unity in diversity”. It is an organism which integrates the domain of Indian unionism. Sadly, India is also cursed by some extremist versions who also happen to debauch the unification of diversities. This article is inquisitively authored by our guest writer Dr. Edmond Fernandes. He is a Medical Doctor, Political Observer, Social Activist and Author. He can be followed on twitter: @edmondfernandes. This article also critically examines the recent attack on a Church located in the eastern side of India’s political capital-city.

Some segments of Indian society have failed to understand the philosophy of Indian politics. Triggering moral panic, diluting the gravity of an attack whether on individual, organizations or religious institutions signals the beginning of times to come. Just because the Congress government was not up to expectations, it does not validate the BJP to be dangerous. While end number of statistics have been done and quoted, I will only submit to say that communal tensions are far far reaching in this once peaceful land. The church attack in East Delhi marks a black day for democracy. It is a litmus test to our Prime Minister who sells dreams at Madison Square and All phones square to act, instead he is curiously silent. It sends a wake-up call for the whole world to witness the underbelly of compromise.

It should be understood that Hinduism thrived and flourished for many years, because it was built on the doctrines of love, integrity and peace and not because of masked saviors and God-men who money launder, rape and victimize those who are the most vulnerable lot in society. Christians make a microscopic minority of less than 2.7 % yet segments, and wings of the BJP claim of converting, marketing and chanting. While there are some fine men in there, at what cost are they trying to hold the torch of democracy. This calls for serious introspection, which is also a giant concern. The Church attacks of Mangalore in 2008 were fabricated then; the SIT’s wings will be clipped now. What kind of justice will this Government be able to deliver. This orchestrated attacks on minorities and the evidence to polarize democracy by invoking Gandhi and Sardar Patel showcases the lowest form of politics. Let us remember that the BJP’s vote share was only 31 % in this Lok Sabha, which means 69% of the country voted against it. But due to fragmented vote sharing among different regional parties, the BJP emerged as victorious.

Having said that, the BJP needs to realize that the people of India do not believe in their fragmented ideologies. It is the people of India who voted a secular Congress for two terms and then dumped them, because they became increasingly thick skinned and should cold shoulder to the countrymen who sent them there. People of India voted for AAP in Delhi as it was willing to offer change. 2.7 % Christians and around 14 % Muslims cannot bring a Congress or AAP to power. It is like, I always say, our powerful open minded Hindu Brethren, who practice love and affection and tolerance, unlike some bigots. BJP can be rest assured, if even one or two more such communal violence happens, India will not give them another chance. Telling stories and performing is two different routes. Changing names of different schemes is like putting a new cover to an old bottle. Development cannot take place by inciting class hatred, and by spitting venom left, right and center. The idea of India today is different, united by an ancient civilization, it stands today tall and strong, not because of what the BJP has done, but because India was built brick by brick by those Indians who sought peace, love and harmony.

Today many Indians live in fear, what security can we showcase to our neighbours when our internal security and spirit of tolerance is questionable and fragile.

It is a challenge to our Prime Minister to build the Church back and at the Government cost. Only them can the BJP claim to be secular. Else let them confine their conscience to god-men like Rampal and Asaram Bapu and certainly not to the true Gods, interpreted by different religions. This attack calls for a United Nation Intervention and the Human rights Commission of the United Nations should investigate the case independently, failing which again stories will be told.

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