Delhi gangrape- True Heroes

When half of the world believes that the Damini/Nirbhaya bus gangrape protest has fizzled out, the protesters who stood tall all through for the past 68 days at Jantar Mantar, have been arrested!

Protesters ??

Yes the same protesters who have been protesting since 16 dec against the damini/Nirbhaya bus gang rape case, the same case which shook the soul of every person, the same case which led to numerous contemplations and in-numerable discussions and the same case which no one wants to discuss ANYMORE!!

Yes these protesters have been there all this while starting from the protest of India Gate till today. After bearing water canons, lathi charges; lot of youth backed out but these guys with spirits high returned to jantar mantar. Media came media left, People came people left but these guys remained there.

Seeing their will power and selflessness, my sis and I often used to say “seriously yaar –Are there actually people like this in today’s time, who are doing all this for an unknown girl”. Atleast defence people who serve our nation, undoubtedly have a tough life but for their service they are getting pay, remunerations and the in-evitable respect or the NGOs which eventually become money-minting business as seen by so many recent scams. What are these guys getting?

They are being rewarded with ruthless beating by none other but our very own “law protectors” the police, bashed to the extent that they were unable to walk, that they could not reach the court and that’s not all neither were their allowed to meet their families.

What was their crime? That they have an awakened conscience, as these courageous people wanted to lend their help to that 7yr old innocent girl child of mangolpuri who was raped in her own school ,and the law “protectors instead of helping her did not even lodge her F.I.R and they even ensured that these protesters help, takes the form of nip in the bud. Infact they went a step further arrested them for wrong charges and bashed all of them brutally, out of these 7 guys there’s 22 yr old guy to 62 yr old uncle. But this 22 yr old boy is different from other boys of his age, this 62 yr old uncle is infact the real youth!

Damini was as unknown to you as to them ,this kid was as unknown to you as to them but they have taken a pledge to bring change in our evil system where rapes and sexual harassment has become a usual phenomenon, these are the guys who are trying their best with their heart and soul to bring change in this evil system and sadly these are the same guys about whom people don’t want to hear about, neither in their office, nor in café meetings, neither in parties, neither on facebook nor whatsapp ,basically NOWHERE !

Because Indians like to live in an illusionary world that “all is well” but just by saying would all be well? if not then why don’t we stand ,why don’t we raise our voice against injustice. Is it because we are scared, or is it because we care too much or is it because we have grown numb to all the evil.

We’ve read about this evil right from our history books to practically facing it in our day to day lives. I’ve just as you all have grown up reading about freedom fighters, heard their brave stories but today I feel I’ve actually met the heroes, the true heroes, the unsung heroes.
!! Hatts off guys !!

P.S : The video link to the innocent protesters being falsely accused of rioting
Courtesy :- Rasmeet Sahota

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