Forgotten “A promise”

“We the people of India”

It seems that the people of the country have forgotten the promise;
“A promise” they made in the year 1950;
“A promise” to secure sovereign; socialistic; secular; democratic republic;
With lakhs of pending cases awaiting for justice;

“A promise” of justice, social; economic; political;
Where the voices of the week, poor and the destitute is suppressed and choked;
Where in the name of religion hatred evoke,

“A promise” of liberty; of thought; expression; belief; faith and worship;
Where, even after 67th year on independence, equality of status, and opportunity remains a distant dream;

“A promise” of equality of status and opportunity and to promote among them all;
Where dignity of gender (women and others), annihilated every day;

“A promise” of fraternity, ensuring dignity of the person;
It seems, “We the people of India,” where we has been gradually replaced by “I”;
With the rich, privilege, and the powerful only has a say;
It seems the people of the country have forgotten “A Promise.”