Blue is the warmest color – an afterthought


Have you ever connected with the dialogues of a movie? Ever wondered how we are heading to a particular phase in a movie? Last week while watching a movie ‘Blue is the warmest color’ I felt it strongly when the protagonist speaks to her ex “I had problems getting attached to people”. I get attached to people very easily and to those I find mysterious are just left out of the book of my life. The worst thing is not to feel anything. We are better when we are vulnerable. Getting hurt, is a part of human existence and to feel numb about a lot of things which mattered is a danger signal. It is not that you don’t cry but you don’t know why you cry. Sometimes we are messed up to such a level that loosening one knot can mess up other entanglements. So, it is suitable not to loosen them. We just go on. Until a wee comes to shook our feet saying ‘Dude? Where are you’ The existential question of what have you been doing up till now? When you wonder, Did you really mean the actions of past? Were they at the spur of the moment? A lot of queries and people like me would find another movie to escape it. But what happens next is that they consistently put my identity into a question. It is amazing if looked at from an artistic perspective. Besides everything, being messed up is also an art. Life is not about finding meaning in those entanglements. It is living with them. While we endeavour to come to terms with the knots we have in our mind every knot knows the way to other knots. Knots have a lot of connections, you see. And we will be aghast by another pile of questions it can give rise to. There will be no resort but again to put it under your pillow. Will that help? oh, well there are no long term solutions to the issues of our heart. They are left in the safe hands of time. Time can be a defence mechanism. Nonetheless, What is the loss till it defends you?

by Manisha Chachra 

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