Annoy nature and nature will annoy you

Annoy nature and nature will annoy you


              Madly, she was running down the hill. Restlessly and haphazardly wilding around with her terrifying shocking eyes, fully bathed in sweat.  Heart was thumping so wildly and loudly against her ribcage that she could easily count the beats even amidst the terrorizing shouts of her own fellows around. No time to halt and see what’s happening around. All she knew was to constantly run for her and someone else’s life. She was running breathlessly with the apple-of-her-eye, her daughter.

Run baby run”- she screamed with all her lungs out and then all of a sudden, tripped over a rock, jangled down the slope round and round. “Maa! Where are you? I am scared. Where have you gone?”- outcries a child panting heavily, searching for her mother around. Sigh! Child was lost. They were surrounded by the burning flames scraping the sky so high like a skyscraper. Their lush-green heavenly place was no more the same but the black burnt land of ashes. A ground which used to be covered by the sheath of cool-velvety grass is now been replaced by a thick blanket of ashes everywhere.  Alas, JUNGLE WAS ON FIRE! They were burnt to ashes by those heartless hunters in order to easily aim the hidden animals and sell their skin, nails and parts for greed while enjoying the hunting-game as well. Chaos and screams filled the air. Everyone was running for their life and repeatedly thinking about what wrong they did. Helplessly, cub’s eyes were hungrily searching for her mother but nowhere had she spotted. “Shoot that cub, Dave. Her mother is beyond our reach. Atleast, get something better than nothing”- one of them shouted. Aimed the rifle right at his prey, he concentrated hard and shot. PIN DROP SILENCE. “Bravo! One-shot kill”- exclaimed Dave in pride. Seeing her child falling down, lioness roared in such fury and pain that her voice echoed for a long time. That li’l cub was lying curled on the ashes and this tiny heartbeat was silent. Seeing this, lioness stood rooted to the spot with her bulging unbelievable-shocking eyes fixing on her cub thrashing on the ashes. “O my child! A piece of my heart!”-she whispered in pain. She wanted to lick the ‘apple of her eye’ for the last time. Neglecting her bleeding leg, she anyhow managed to climb up the hill, approached and with tearful eyes licked her star. That cub was lying like a cute baby soft-toy with eyes wide-opened in fear and a drop of tear around the corner of the left-eye. LionessLioness-cub's emotion of love rose in anger searching for murderers for revenge but those hunters won the game already. They were two steps ahead, already aiming a gun at her. Hearing a shrill sound of bullet, she held her breath and at the same time, adrenaline rushes advising her for an instant run with all pain and turbulent anger inside. She escaped, disappeared from their sight and those murderers were still celebrating and cheering for their one-shot kill of that li’l cat, neglecting their one-missed target.

She kept running day and night with an immense pain inside her and with no stop for a single moment. Many days passed with a cycle of sunrise to sunset but lioness was still on the run, unknown of a reason behind her unstoppable running. Did she want revenge? Was she in search of a reason behind all this disruption or in search for a new home to live in? Was she really hoping to see her child again, somewhere playing and rolling on the grass lively?  Whatsoever the reason would be but no doubt that this lioness was on fire!Poaching of tigers for skin

After some days, finally she halted at a place looking alike her once-upon-a-time existing loving home. It was a huge farmland. Yes, habitat of humans she finally reached. Now, will she also do the same thing? Ruining their homes? Killing the innocents for nothing wrong they did? Or making them run for their life just like those hunters made her fellows to? Lioness was hysterically thirsty for revenge. She didn’t know anything about that murderer but all she knew was that, he was a human who had killed an ‘innocent’ playful child. A child who did nothing harms to them but still got punished to death, mercilessly. Sun was setting in and the beautifully painted red-shaded sky was gradually turning darker. Suddenly, she heard a giggling sound of children just a distance ahead. Kids were playing football. Watching those little beats, nostalgia hits her very hard and then lost in those memories she spent with her child. O my child! That moment of complains from her child when she used to tease the cub by licking her furs very hard. “Ma, stop licking me! You are disfiguring my hairs.” What golden merrily days those were! Back to the present, those kids she thought could be her revenge. A revenge for separating a daughter from her mother.

Hiding behind the bushes, she was observing those joyful kids playing and their chanting mothers standing nearby. In thirst for revenge, she stepped forward, making a prey-catching position and suddenly with a wild roar jumped out from the bushes. Cries everywhere! Air was tinged with fear! Lion in our village! Run! Run! Tension in the air was flaming high and people in panic were haphazardly running for their life. Turning the head around, lioness realized exactly the same scenario like few days back and so right then, she was enjoying this play. People on the other side were thinking why she came there, after all nothing wrong they did. But never did they know that humans are themselves the reason of their own destruction. She launched in the air, made a wide jump and clamped a kid with her paws. Grabbing that kid, a woman loudly cried in horror. Lioness recognized that kid’s mother among many as she was the only one who stepped forward in rescuing her child even knowing the degree of such danger. Animals too have maternal love. Lion-mother could easily feel the same pain, fury and horror in mother’s eyes. Air was tinged with fear and then something such happened that made animals different from humans. Seeing her mother in hysterical pain, she released the kid and ran away. After all, an animal-mother too has a feeling when her own very piece of heart being chopped mercilessly in front of her own eyes. But why those humans did such blunder? Why their homes were fired? Jungle-creatures did nothing harm to them. While running, she was thinking hard and hard upon it, searching for the answers, bypassed many places and reached another place. That place was as if exactly same copy of her used-to-be-existed home. That lavish-green place was extremely beautiful and quiet. And soon she crossed a clan of lions and lionesses of her own kind. Yes, finally she found another forest to live in and fellows to live with.

She has stopped now, accepted this tragedy and decided to move on. A new phase of life though started but the fear of those murderers will reside in her, always.

“She rose from the burnt ashes like a new-born phoenix to become more-learned, powerful and welcoming a new life with more harsh realities and experiences forthcoming”.

Wild cat was not wild before that havoc caused by those hunters and these creatures too have relations and immense emotions to live with. See, how a happy, mind-your-own-business like animal was forcibly converted to a dangerous threatening beast by just a greedy act of killing. By now, we have lost our right to blame them for entering and killing us in our homes because the same we do with them. This fact can’t be denied that a man is a cause of another man’s destruction.

If recklessly we destroy their habitats, firing jungles or hunt them for our greed, then wait for that day when innocent animals will be the reason for exponentially falling of human’s population because my dear friends, they too believe in “Zero-tolerance”.

Annoy nature and nature will annoy you


  • Timber mafia burning Uttarakhand forests down in May 2016
  • Tigress terrorises Indian villages killing 9 humans in six weeks
  • 1,000 Tigers Killed in Last 10 Years for Skins, Parts
  • India Has Recorded 28 Incidents Of Tiger Poaching In 2016 Alone

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  1. Thankyou friend for this heart touching reality. This is really true. This is the high time when we should start respecting the nature again otherwise the day will come when we’ll not get a chance to realise the mistake too and everything will get over.

    Love Nature and Nature will love you back with lots of gifts.

    • Exactly you get, Bhavna and I am proud of you for your realisation as well. 🙂 This is alarming time and it’s already been started as we can see the unmacthing temperature with its respective season, global warming consequences and frequent entering of wild-creatures in our habitat. But it’s still never too late. We can as an individual play a part in conserving or maintaining the resources. 🙂
      Let’s build a healthy future!
      Let’s prevent the coming apocalypse!

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