Andrapodistes and Apoplithorismosphobia

Just because you think that you’re free does not mean that you’re “really” free. Mind you, andrapodistes is the reality. I guess, many are ignorant of this term but sadly these ignoramus vociferously claim that they’re free. Well, andrapodistes is a slave-dealer, kidnapper, man-stealer. Also, a) of one who unjustly reduces free men to slavery, and b) of one who steals the slaves of others and sells them. The criminal act comprised two different criminal deeds. One consisted in that the perpetrator took possession of a free man by force or trickery to sell him into slavery (delict of freedom) and the other was directed against the owner of a slave.

Andrapodistes claim that they have the moral right to control, regulate, moderate and govern you, irrespective of your individual consent. They assert that they are acting in the interest of ‘greater good’ of the society and it is constitutional to pledge allegiance to them. Failing to obey makes you a terrorist. They postulate that humans are brutish and evils, and it is therefore OK to civilize humans under government. Dare you talk about liberty and right to secede. Wondering what they will do to you, the moment you behaved like them. Well, it is also OK for them to legally expropriate your wealth and it is nevertheless OK to destroy your wealth at the same moment through their apoplithorismosphobic banking. They have to sustain this genre, in order to keep themselves in power at the expense of others, because they are not made up of human clay and are above the rest of mankind. The greatest tragedy of this matrix is that many are hopelessly inured to defend the cycle of andrapodistism. (Read: Illusion of Choices) They will fight you, when you critically examine this cycle. They will impudently ask you, “Without andrapodiste, who will build muh roads?” Wondering how many are going to reread my this anti-conformity.


Sad to behold that many are residing in bliss with ignorance. Wondering when people are gonna realize real lies with their real eyes. To exchange liberty for security is a social norm. These ‘social contractarians’ also intimidate and force you to comply with their imbecility, and therefore I think that even your neighbors are liking this circuit. Let me not only blame the legal thugs for the continuation of this trickle-down slavery. Anyways, I aspire to free the slaves and I can do it only when these slaves acknowledge that they are enlisted in a grand pool of the modern-slavery. You know, you become what you “think”. 

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