American Hustle

A very genuine con film


[usr 4]

A very genuine con film. A sort of who laughs last, crime suspense movie. Performances are very good and worth Oscar nominations, mostly due to the great and faulty characters there. You will be seeing the movie and trying to find what will happen next. People who really follow some good screenplay will find American Hustle totally fun, it’s mainly a dialogue driven film. It’s a very non violence film, if you expect some gun shots or car crashing action scenes, this may not be the film. Christian Bale is as usual very good, loved Bradly Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, I believe they have got the most funniest and the best scenes in the film. American Hustle is crazy, clever, and hilarious. May not be for everyone, but still I will recommend it to everyone.


Directed by David O. Russell

Christian Bale
Bradley Cooper
Amy Adams
Jeremy Renner
Jennifer Lawrence

Music by Danny Elfman
Running time 138 minutes


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