10 Things You Didn’t Know About R K Laxman

How ironical that the person who drew the cartoons that Indian Republic identified themselves with, passed away on its 66th Republic Day.



  1. He drew the caricatures for his elder brother’s books (Malgudi Days)

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  2. His brother worked for The Hindu, and R.K Laxman worked for The Times of India

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  3. Morarji Desai wasn’t pleased with his caricature drawn by Laxman, while other politicians demanded to know why they weren’t caricatured.

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  4. He never wore a watch, consulted a calendar, or kept a diary. So to know the exact dates of some of his early life events is very difficult.

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  5. His ‘dhoti clad’ art teacher once told his class to draw a leaf, and he was so impressed by R.K Laxman that he proclaimed that he [Laxman] would make a great artist one day.

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  6. He wasn’t good at maths, but he loved history, and mythology. His father though, wasn’t amused with his low test scores and would often find the boy sketching endlessly (which was suggested to Laxman by his older brother Seenu.

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  7. He was fascinated with crows, and black was his favorite color.

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  8. He failed his SSC and when he wanted to join the JJ School of Arts, they wrote back saying, “you show no talent, we can’t accept you.”

    rk laxman (2)

  9. He was very fond of Sir David Low, and when David Low first met Laxman, he took it upon him to show him around Mumbai.

    NSL1 (8)

  10. having turned down by Hindustan times for being too young and inexperienced, he chanced upon the editor of the Free Press Journal,who instantly gave him job. R K Laxman found a seat right next to Bal Thackeray


    R.I.P common man’s uncommon man!

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