An anarchist habituated with critical thinking and passionate to liberate many subconscious minds.

Yes, I am fat, I am thin. So?

I live in a “civilized society” which is mentally conditioned to judgmentally believe in the parameters of stigma, generalization and normalcy. “Normal people” a.k.a “positive” socializers incessantly pester with incoherent questions about weight, height, caste, gender and class (as if it is a matter of urgent interest). This tribe is…

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The Science of Situational Leninism

Situational Leninism (SL) is an unscientific process which describes HOW left statists and right statists scorn each other. In this youtube video, I ratiocinate that leftism and rightism are two different sides of the same coin. These two tribes believe that “government is the means” to achieve the ends. The…

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Means justify the Ends

Economics is most importantly a subject that concerns the nature of human action. The study of economics must be grounded in the logic of action. All action begins in the mind. It is sourced in man as a thinker, as a reasonable creature. Rational egoism, in my views, serves as…

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Freedom to “Freedom” of Freedom

Many people don’t understand the significance and meaning of freedom because they have been socially conditioned and hopelessly inured to defend the idea of authoritarianism. Discoursing with them about the rational calculation of freedom is like playing chess with a pigeon. No offence intended. They believe that freedom doesn’t work…

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